Stock list


Here at Mint Vintage Wholesale we have stock being graded constantly with new garments being put out everyday, so our stock list is ever changing and updates daily.

If you’re looking for anything in particular, send us an email so that we can help you further.

Here is a list of stock which we have had and currently have at the warehouse for your handpick appointment.

Knitwear, in a variation of materials/ fabrics and styles

Military, our military selection is expansive and a staple here at Mint


Americana, we have a selection of Americana on our rails at all times. It flies out fast!

Utility/ workwear, a great variation of different garments. From amazing boiler suits to unused wool socks!

Trousers, men’s and women’s sizes in a large variation of styles. Chinos? We got them. Cord? Got them too. Leather? Yep! And loads more which we can’t even list

Jeans, pretty much every style you can think of

Denim, both men’s and women’s categories. We have jackets, dresses, skirts, waistcoats, and loads more


Outer Ware, we have a vast selection of outer ware from sheepskins, trenches, wool coats, sports, branded, and many, many more

Shirts, amazing Hawaiian prints, 70’s, beautiful silks and classic plaid shirts

Blouses, an array of stylish women’s blouses. From sequin, 80’s and even crisp white milkmaid

T-shirts,  from crazy tie-dye which are perfect for festivals to unique vintage Americana and everything in between


Ethnic, kimonos, hippy shirts, aztec shirts and more

Shorts, 50’s, 60’s, paper bag, beach and even 90’s crazy print.

And last but not least, DRESSES.  We have a constant selection of dresses through out the year, from true vintage 80’s beauties, 90’s prom, 70’s unique prints, cord, and even sequin.


If you want to buy in larger quantities, a bale might be best for you.

Our bales are ready to go, and the recipe for them is an original grade.

Let us know if you have any further enquiries regarding them.